The Commissionaires

Jacob Moon | Joel Parisien

Shelter Me: Deluxe Remastered Edition

Our story

As The Commissionaires, it's always been a labor of love, right from the beginning. Joel and I started this band to make music that we felt close to, and songs that we thought we could re-animate with some of our own stylistic flair. Our first record happened fast (2016's 'Shelter Me'). We quickly sold through our first 2000 copies, and most of our vinyl stash. Then we went into the studio to work on the next recording, and 6 songs came out of that, some of them stylistically more linked to 'Shelter Me'. We were left at a crossroads and had to choose which genre to pursue for the followup record. We're still trying to crack that code, honestly. But we would love to have you along for the ride as we figure it all out in the days to come.

By re-releasing a Deluxe version of 'Shelter Me', with two new songs, we feel we can remind longtime fans why they dug us in the first place, and maybe convert some new fans along the way with our soulful songs and harmonies.  The goal being to gather the seed money to continue being creative in the studio. Joel and I can sell these recordings at our own shows and at Commissionaires shows in the short term, and raise the funds needed to help us clear our recording debt and lean into the next phase of our creative journey.

The Deluxe Reissue will be available Monday Sept 9 2019.