The Commissionaires

Jacob Moon | Joel Parisien

The Commissionaires in Residence!

Joel and I are officially in residence at The Gasworks at 141 Park St N in Hamilton every Tuesday night between now and the end of May. These shows are designed to do a few things:

1. Bring together our local fans and give them a place to meet one another.

2. Serve as a showcase for the band's music and a platform for us to try out new material.

3. Be a meeting place for other musicians on the local music scene. Special guests would be welcomed regularly to join the band and play their own material.

4. Galvanize people who are interested in justice issues to engage with organizations and movements that are changing the world for those in need. IJM, Compassion and many local charities will be featured.

The idea was also that there would be no fixed charge for the shows, but a donation bucket would be passed around to cover the costs of mounting the show every week. 

Special guests so far have included James Hoffman and Liz Loughrey and Joey Landreth are next on Apr 4 and 11, respectively. 

Reports on the shows have been rapturous from those fans who have been able to see the concerts over the past few weeks, and people are delighted by the novelty of the setlist week to week as well as the spontanaity of the 'spinning wheel o' music' that lets fans randomly choose a genre for the band to play next. The Improv category has already yielded two completely improvised songs from Joel!

So bring friends and get there early! These shows are gathering steam!